Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy new year!

im currently working in a mesh for accessories right now for males, and im looking forward i can share this with you guys in the soonest time possible, im just new to it and im still learning how to correct it, and i would really appreciate suggestion how to enhanced my mod, hehe.. it looks funny right now but i knew i can make it... KEEP Working!

Monday, December 28, 2015

After a TIRED day

Hey there, so here is my SIMS by the way that i always use in my game. Meet Grey... there are still a lot off them here in my pc, but his just my latest creation by the way so hes always the star of my game(for now, hehe)

My First ever mod

Hi, its my very first time btw to join modding in a game, im playing mostly Online RPG and just tried playing Sims (only sims4) this year. So after discovering that i can customize everything in my game, i was hooked up to it right away, im really sorry to ea but i only own crack version, will thanks to games4theworlds! well here it is, just for back up and fun purposes!

Truth to be told, im really sick of watching the same clip again and again! hehe, so im just sharing for some that dont have the time to tinker with alot of programs!

By the way, thank to Simser der Deutschen for the tuturial in his studio! Great help for us!

Frozen-Let it go replaced Kids Channel

Frozen-Let It GO! dl link for kids channel

Action Channel (mmorpg)

Im so sorry if i have to cut the video so early, its because it would be so big to upload already if i will record the whole thing. The whole video is aprox. 8 min running time.

Nasa Launch  for Newsa